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"It is easy to say true love is named techno,if you born in the 80ies and grown up with all this electronic synthie stuff like Jean Michael Jarre, New Order, Soft Sell. At the age of 11, his biggest treasure was a Mayday- compilation recorded on tapes. From that moment on, his love for techno was born. His style is a mixture between minimal techno, techhouse, house and techno - a blend he calls "Tech'n Roll", because techno is more than music, techno is a way of life with a little bit of the lifestyle of the hippies in the sixties and seventies."

Don´t You Want (Sujet Musique) Nov.2014
EP (Recline Music) Jan.2014

Das schöne Leben, Sujet Musique, Recline Music, LoopGroup, Concorde Club Rec, Picche Records, Voltaire Music

Sisyphos Berlin, Golden Gate Berlin, Rosis Berlin, Weekend Club Berlin, Chesterfield Amsterdam, Tobacodownstairs Schweiz, Fundbureau Hamburg, Würzburg and more

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